Dk-bib - danish variants of the standard BibTeX styles


You can install dk-bib from a lot of sources:


Development versions can be tracked on Github.


Usage of dk-bib is described in the manual (in danish).

About dk-bib

Dk-bib is a translation of the four standard BibTeX style files (abbrv, alpha, plain and unsrt) and the apalike style file into Danish.

The files have been extended with URL, ISBN, ISSN, annote and printing fields which can be enabled through a LaTeX style file.

Dk-bib also comes with a couple of Danish sorting order files for BibTeX8.


Originally these files were translated from the Norwegian translation (by Dag Langmyhr) into Danish. Dag also made the extension for ISBN and ISSN.

Please report problems and suggestions to Arne Jørgensen at

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